Dermafile Facial

Dermafile Facial DIamondsIf you have been considering a microdermabrasion procedure to purge your skin of fine lines, wrinkles, or age spots, or just freshen up; there is a new innovative technique that is gaining quickly in popularity. This newest skin resurfacing technique, the Dermafile Facial, offers everything the previous microdermabrasion techniques could do for you- but is quicker and has long lasting results. The application tool used for a Dermafile Facial is encased in finely crushed genuine diamonds, which serve to micro-polish and reveal a youthful new glow in a very short time.

Can the Dermafile Facial treatment be tailored to me?

The Dermafile procedure has advantages over other microdermabrasion processes. Dermafile Facial PictureThe diamond treatment serves to gently and carefully remove the outermost layer of skin, with less damage and aftercare than many popular applications on the market (that can use coarse materials akin to sandpaper or sand blasting).  The diamond wand is used to gently slough as it passed over your skin to ensure the area being treated is removed of damaged or discolored layers of unwanted skin, and to guarantee that this is done in a way that leaves your skin smooth and evenly surfaced. Your technician can individually focus on hotspots of your skin particularly heavy in pigmentation or deeper wrinkles for a customized Dermafile Facial treatment.

This treatment differs over others in that it polishes the skin as it is administered, leaving skin extremely soft and velvety by the end of the custom session. Your technician is in complete control of how much skin is to be removed, and of the size of the diamond grit being used. Differences in size can be chosen based on what your unique skin treatment procedure requires, and often the larger choices are only used on the rougher areas of your skin (such as your elbows and knees).

How long is a Dermafile Facial treatment?

The entire Dermafile Facial procedure should take no more than an hour to perform, and is relatively painless. Often there is no need for topical anesthetics to be administered prior to a session. Patients can combine the Dermafile facial with other treatments for optimum results. Technicians may administer a chemical peel after your treatment to further enhance the results, as this peel will have a fresh layer of skin to be placed on.

This treatment is ideal for anyone who has a trouble area of skin they would like to be smoother, and works well for those looking to eliminate unwanted facial lines, age spots, wrinkles, or scarring. There are no known side effects and no prolonged downtime after the treatment. There is a small window of heightened skin sensitivity after your treatment, typically lasting no longer than 48 hours. The Dermafile Facial provides immediate results in a very quick window of time, and is able to be used on anyone who wants to rejuvenate their skin in a procedure shorter than the average lunch break.