American Weight Loss Clinic

We at the American Weight Loss Clinic offer personalized weight loss programs to help you lose weight and never find it again!


 We follow clinically proven diet plans, in addition to the support, counseling, lifestyle training to help you enjoy long term weight loss and significantly reduce obesity-related health risks.WeightLossAdvantage

At American Weight Loss Clinic, the medical monitoring includes:
  • A thorough preliminary medical examination and any necessary lab tests to determine your health status and rule out any risk factors.
  • A personalized weight loss plan, based on your health status and weight loss goals.
  • Continued guidance and medical monitoring of your progress, health, and wellbeing throughout the course of treatment.

Products and Diet Plans

The American Weight Loss Clinic products provide complete, balanced nutrition, high quality protein, and 100% of the reference daily intake (RDI) for vitamins and minerals in 5 servings per day.
The American Weight Loss Clinic full meal replacement diet is sold exclusively through American Weight Loss Clinic Program providers, and designed to be used in the clinical setting. These medical foods are intended for use during weight loss and ongoing weight management. They are pleasant-tasting products, containing high biological value protein plus carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, and minerals.
Each serving of American Weight Loss Clinic Powder, Ready to Drink, Bar and Soup Powder has 160 -170 calories, 14 g protein, 3-5 g fat, and 18-21 g carbohydrate.
American Weight Loss Clinic Powder is available in three flavors: vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate.
Ready to Drink Formula is available in French vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry.
American Weight Loss Clinic Bar is available in chocolate, Berry, and Peanut Butter.
American Weight Loss Clinic Soup Powder is available in Chicken and Garden Tomato flavors.
They are simple and effective.
High-quality, complete nutrition Pre-portioned and calorie-controlled servings (minimum 800-1200 calories/day)
Quick and simple preparation
Freedom from having to make food choices
Adjusting to a full meal replacement plan typically only takes about one week. Positive change can occur quickly. In addition to losing weight, you will improve your health, learn new, healthier eating habits and engage in activities so that when you return to self-prepared foods, you are better equipped to manage your weight long term.

Calories Chart 

Estimated Calories in some Food item


Meat samosa, each 320
Vegetable samosa, each 260
Onion bhaji, each 190
Lime pickle, 1 tablespoon 70
Poppadom, each 65
Mango chutney, 1 tablespoon 60
Tomato sambal, 1 tablespoon 20
Cucumber raita, 1 tablespoon 20

Main Courses

Chicken korma 870
Beef kheema 780
Chicken dhansk 720
Rogan josh 700
Chicken curry 700
Chicken tikka masala 680
Lamb bhuna 680
Vegetable biriyani 550
Beef madras 540
Aloo saag 500
Keema madras 350
Vegetable curry 350
Aloo gabi 330
Tandoori chicken 300

Fruit /100gm

Apple 65
Banana 153
Chichu 94
Cherry 70
Guava 66
Grapes (black) 45
Lychee 61
Mango 70
Mosammi 53
Orange 53
Papaya 32
Lokat 51
Pineapple 46
Plums 56
Pomegranate 77
Peach 50
Water melon 16


Turnip 26
Cabbage 45
Carrot 48
Methi 49
Spanich 26
Onion 50
Potato 97
Bringal 24
Coliflower 37
Tomato 21
Beetroot 45
Bitter gourd 25
Pea 93
Okra 35
Lettuce 18
Onion 44
Ridge gourd 19
Sweet Potato 120
Mustard Leaves 55

Doodh aur Dhoodh se Taiyar Shudah Ashya/ Cup

Cow milk 100
Buffalo milk 115
Skimmed milk 45
Butter milk 19
Pannier 315
Butter 100gm 750
Cream 100 gm 210
Ghee 100gm
Suger (1tsp) 48
Coconut water (100 ml) 25
Coffee/cup 40
Tea/cup 30
Orange juice (100 ml) 47
Tomato juice (100 ml) 22
Honey (1 tsp) 90

Cereals per 100/gms

Bajrah 360
Maidah 355
Chawal 325
Wheat flour 341

Breads Per Piece Aik Darmiyani

Chapatti 119
Aik slice (bread ka) 60
Aik paratha 280